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-**Registration is open: https://​www.regonline.com/​fss15**+**Registration is open (deadline Oct 16): https://​www.regonline.com/​fss15**
 ==== Sequential Decision Making for Intelligent Agents ==== ==== Sequential Decision Making for Intelligent Agents ====
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 Invited speakers ([[sdmia_invited_speakers|titles and abstracts]]) Invited speakers ([[sdmia_invited_speakers|titles and abstracts]])
 +  * Craig Boutilier, [[http://​www.cs.toronto.edu/​~cebly/​|Google]]
   * Emma Brunskill, [[http://​www.cs.cmu.edu/​~ebrun/​|CMU]]   * Emma Brunskill, [[http://​www.cs.cmu.edu/​~ebrun/​|CMU]]
   * Alan Fern, [[http://​web.engr.oregonstate.edu/​~afern/​|Oregon State]]   * Alan Fern, [[http://​web.engr.oregonstate.edu/​~afern/​|Oregon State]]
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