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Erwin Walraven and Matthijs T. J. Spaan Planning under Uncertainty with Weighted State Scenarios
Yusen Zhan and Matthew Taylor Online Transfer Learning in Reinforcement Learning Domains
Christopher Amato, George Konidaris, Shayegan Omidshafiei, Ali-Akbar Agha-Mohammadi, Jonathan How and Leslie Kaelbling Probabilistic Planning for Decentralized Multi-Robot Systems
Sean Mcgregor, Hailey Buckingham, Rachel Houtman, Claire Montgomery, Ronald Metoyer and Thomas Dietterich MDPvis: An Interactive Visualization for Testing Markov Decision Processes
D. Ellis Hershkowitz, James MacGlashan and Stefanie Tellex Learning Propositional Functions for Planning and Reinforcement Learning
Martin Allen Complexity of Self-Preserving, Team-Based Competition in Partially Observable Stochastic Games
Siddharth Srivastava, Stuart Russell and Alessandro Pinto Metaphysics of Planning Domain Descriptions
Edmund Durfee and Satinder Singh Commitment Semantics for Sequential Decision Making Under Reward Uncertainty
Kyle Wray and Shlomo Zilberstein A Parallel Point-Based POMDP Algorithm Leveraging GPUs
Frans Oliehoek, Matthijs T. J. Spaan, Philipp Robbel and Joao Messias The MADP Toolbox: An Open-Source Library for Planning and Learning in (Multi-)Agent Systems
Atsushi Iwasaki, Tadashi Sekiguchi, Shun Yamamoto and Makoto Yokoo How is cooperation/collusion sustained in repeated multimarket contact with observation errors?
Bruno Lacerda, David Parker and Nick Hawes Nested Value Iteration for Partially Satisfiable Co-Safe LTL Specifications (Extended Abstract)
Matthew Hausknecht and Peter Stone Deep Recurrent Q-Learning for Partially Observable MDPs
Alberto Reyes, Pablo H. Ibarguengoytia, Inés Romero, David Pech and Monica Borunda Open questions for building optimal operation policies for dam management using Factored Markov Decision Processes
Fabio-Valerio Ferrari and Abdel-Illah Mouaddib Hierarchical factored POMDP for joint tasks : application to escort tasks
Luis Pineda, Kyle Wray and Shlomo Zilberstein Revisiting Multi-Objective MDPs with Relaxed Lexicographic Preferences
Daniel Urieli and Peter Stone Autonomous Electricity Trading using Time-Of-Use Tariffs in a Competitive Market
Philipp Robbel, Frans A. Oliehoek and Mykel J. Kochenderfer Exploiting Anonymity in Approximate Linear Programming: Scaling to Large Multiagent MDPs
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