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 +==== SDMIA Fall Symposium: Call for Papers ====
 +[[sdmia|SDMIA Main Page]]
 +Sequential decision making under uncertainty (SDM) is a powerful paradigm for probabilistic planning. The emergence of various models that analyze SDM under different sets of assumptions,​ e.g., as single- and multi-agent Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) and Partially Observable MDPs (POMDPs), has gone hand in hand with the split of this field into many subareas, ​ each with a quite distinct research community. The Sequential Decision Making for Intelligent Agents (SDMIA) Fall Symposium aims to bring the researchers of computational sequential decision making under uncertainty together, in order to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas across these communities and thus accelerate the development of the larger field. The symposium will have ample time for discussions and interaction. Furthermore,​ we intend to reflect on the current state of the field, both in terms of theory and applications,​ and, more importantly,​ ways to shape its future.
 +== Topics ==
 +We invite submissions,​ both original as well as previously published, dealing with the general topic of sequential decision making under uncertainty. Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to:
 +  * Novel insights in modeling sequential decision making (SDM)
 +  * Recent advances in solution methods
 +  * Benchmark problems and benchmarking
 +  * Real-world applications and application domains
 +  * Model specification and induction
 +  * Methods for transferring solutions from one model to another
 +We particularly encourage contributions that have the potential to make an impact on different sub-fields of SDM, but this is not a requirement.
 +== Important dates ==
 +| Submission deadline **(extended)** | <​del>​July 15, 2015</​del>​ July 22, 2015 |
 +| Notification date | August 5, 2015 |
 +| Camera-ready deadline | September 4, 2015 |
 +| Symposium | November 12-14, 2015 |
 +== Submission Instructions ==
 +The symposium will accept 1) extended abstracts (2 pages) of previously published papers, 2) papers describing novel work or work in progress (max 8 pages), and 3) position statements (max 8 pages). Submissions should be made in the provided [[http://​www.aaai.org/​Publications/​Templates/​AuthorKit.zip|LaTeX template]]. Note that authors retain copyright on their papers: the copyright slug does not need to be included and can be removed by adding ''​\nocopyright''​.
 +The submission link can be found at:
 +All accepted papers will be scheduled for oral  presentation and papers will be made available on-line. Selected papers can be published in the AAAI Press Technical Reports series.
 +At least one author of each accepted paper is required to register and attend the symposium to present the work. A small student travel fund is available. ​
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