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Thursday, November 12

Authors Title
09:00am 09:15am Welcome and introductions
09:15am 10:00amMilind Tambe, USC Assisting HIV Prevention Amongst Homeless Youth using POMDPs
10:00am 10:30am application discussion
10:30am 11:00am Coffee break
11:00am 11:45amShlomo Zilberstein, UMass Amherst Do We Expect Too Much from DEC-POMDP Algorithms?
11:45am 12:10pmC. Amato, G. Konidaris, S. Omidshafiei, A. Agha-Mohammadi, J. How and L. Kaelbling Probabilistic Planning for Decentralized Multi-Robot Systems
12:10pm 12:35pmS. Srivastava, S. Russell and A. Pinto Metaphysics of Planning Domain Descriptions
12:35pm 02:00pm Lunch
02:00pm 02:25pm E. Walraven and M. T. J. Spaan Planning under Uncertainty with Weighted State Scenarios
02:25pm 02:50pm F. Ferrari and A. Mouaddib Hierarchical factored POMDP for joint tasks : application to escort tasks
02:50pm 03:15pm L. Pineda, K. Wray and S. Zilberstein Revisiting Multi-Objective MDPs with Relaxed Lexicographic Preferences
03:15pm 03:30pm open discussion
03:30pm 04:00pm Coffee break
04:00pm 04:45pm Mykel Kochenderfer, Stanford Decision Theoretic Planning for Air Traffic Applications
04:45pm 05:10pm B. Lacerda, D. Parker and N. Hawes Nested Value Iteration for Partially Satisfiable Co-Safe LTL Specifications (Extended Abstract)
05:10pm 05:35pm K. Wray and S. Zilberstein A Parallel Point-Based POMDP Algorithm Leveraging GPUs
06:00pm 07:00pm Reception

Friday, November 13

Authors Title
09:00am 09:45am Jason Williams, Microsoft Research Decision-theoretic control in dialog systems: recent progress and opportunities for research
09:45am 10:05am application discussion
10:05am 10:30am D. Urieli and P. Stone Autonomous Electricity Trading using Time-Of-Use Tariffs in a Competitive Market
10:30am 11:00am Coffee break
11:00am 11:25am E. Durfee and S. Singh Commitment Semantics for Sequential Decision Making Under Reward Uncertainty
11:25am 11:50am A. Iwasaki, T. Sekiguchi, S. Yamamoto and M. Yokoo How is cooperation/collusion sustained in repeated multimarket contact with observation errors?
11:50am 12:10pm S. Mcgregor, H. Buckingham, R. Houtman, C. Montgomery, R. Metoyer and T. Dietterich MDPvis: An Interactive Visualization for Testing Markov Decision Processes
12:10pm 12:30pm F. Oliehoek, M. T. J. Spaan, P. Robbel and J. Messias The MADP Toolbox: An Open-Source Library for Planning and Learning in (Multi-)Agent Systems
12:30pm 02:00pm Lunch
02:00pm 02:45pm Craig Boutilier, Google Large-scale MDPs in Practice: Opportunities and Challenges
02:45pm 03:00pm application discussion
03:00pm 03:25pm P. Robbel, F. A. Oliehoek and M. J. Kochenderfer Exploiting Anonymity in Approximate Linear Programming: Scaling to Large Multiagent MDPs
03:30pm 04:00pm Coffee break
04:00pm 04:45pm Emma Brunskill, CMU Quickly Learning to Make Good Decisions
04:45pm 05:10pm M. Allen Complexity of Self-Preserving, Team-Based Competition in Partially Observable Stochastic Games
05:10pm 05:35pm M. Hausknecht and P. Stone Deep Recurrent Q-Learning for Partially Observable MDPs
06:00pm 07:30pm Plenary session

Saturday, November 14

Authors Title
09:00am 09:45am Alan Fern, Oregon State Kinder and Gentler Teaching Modes for Human-Assisted Policy Learning
09:45am 10:00am application discussion
10:00am 10:25am A. Reyes, P. H. Ibarguengoytia, I. Romero, D. Pech and M. Borunda Open questions for building optimal operation policies for dam management using Factored Markov Decision Processes
10:30am 11:00am Coffee break
11:00am 11:25am D. E. Hershkowitz, J. MacGlashan and S. Tellex Learning Propositional Functions for Planning and Reinforcement Learning
11:25am 11:50am Y. Zhan and M. Taylor Online Transfer Learning in Reinforcement Learning Domains
11:50am 12:30pm wrapup discussion
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