Accepted Papers

  1. Daniel Claes, Philipp Robbel, Frans Oliehoek, Karl Tuyls, Daniel Hennes and Wiebe van der Hoek. Effective Approximations for Multi-Robot Coordination in Spatially Distributed Tasks.
  2. Frans Oliehoek, Matthijs Spaan and Stefan Witwicki. Influence-Optimistic Local Values for Multiagent Planning.
  3. Joris Scharpff, Diederik Roijers, Frans Oliehoek, Matthijs Spaan and Mathijs de Weerdt. Solving Multi-agent MDPs Optimally with Conditional Return Graphs.
  4. Auke Wiggers, Frans Oliehoek and Diederik Roijers. Structure in the Value Function of Zero-sum Games of Incomplete Information.
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