Program Schedule

Tuesday, May 5, 2015
14:00 to 14:10 Welcome and Introductions
14:10 to 14:55 Invited Talk: Computational Challenges for Scheduling in Active Distribution Networks. Matthijs Spaan.
14:55 to 15:40 Panel: Blast from the Past: BDI, Rules and Multiagent Planning. Lin Padgham, Milind Tambe and Yingke Chen.
15:40 to 16:00 Paper Session 1: Online Scheduling Under Uncertainty (Chair: Yingke Chen)
15:40 to 16:00 A Scenario State Representation for Scheduling Deferrable Loads under Wind Uncertainty. Erwin Walraven and Matthijs Spaan.
16:00 to 16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 to 17:30 Paper Session 2: Multiagent Markov Decision Processes (Chair: Yingke Chen)
16:30 to 16:50 Solving Multi-agent MDPs Optimally with Conditional Return Graphs. Joris Scharpff, Diederik Roijers, Frans Oliehoek, Matthijs Spaan and Mathijs de Weerdt.
16:50 to 17:10 A Challenge for Multi-Agent Sequential Decision Problems: Global Resource Constraints. Frits de Nijs, Matthijs Spaan and Mathijs de Weerdt.
17:10 to 17:30 Effective Approximations for Multi-Robot Coordination in Spatially Distributed Tasks. Daniel Claes, Philipp Robbel, Frans Oliehoek, Karl Tuyls, Daniel Hennes and Wiebe van der Hoek.
17:30 to 18:30 Paper Session 3: Distributed Decision-Making with Partial Information (Chair: Prashant Doshi)
17:30 to 17:50 Influence-Optimistic Local Values for Multiagent Planning. Frans Oliehoek, Matthijs Spaan and Stefan Witwicki.
17:50 to 18:10 On the Complexity of Verifying Finite State Equilibrium in Repeated Games with Imperfect Private Monitoring Using POMDPs. Yu Qiu, Prashant Doshi and Makoto Yokoo.
18:10 to 18:30 Structure in the Value Function of Zero-sum Games of Incomplete Information. Auke Wiggers, Frans Oliehoek and Diederik Roijers.
18:30 Closing Remarks
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